The Best Ways to Use your Brand New Selfie Stick

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Taking selfies is a trend that’s not new, but what is really interesting about this trend is that it is evolving all the time thanks to the interesting gadgets and accessories designed for taking selfies. One of them is the so-called selfie stick. This tool is becoming really popular and it is now perfectly normal to see people using it on social events like sports events, parties and BBQs.

76-selfiesIn case you got a selfie stick as a present and you are not sure how to use it, we are presenting you few interesting ways in which you will find the real benefits that using selfie sticks brings.

Use it while you are practicing some extreme sport

In case you are already involved in paragliding, wingsuit, sailing or some other sport or physical activity where you can hold the selfie stick for one brief moment, then you should definitely try taking a selfie in this way. These selfies will let other people know how entertaining these activities can be and how you enjoy your time. On top of that, the
background in these selfies will be amazing!

Spice up your family dinner

The truth is that family dinners can sometimes be really boring and there are moments when no one at the table is speaking. This is the right moment to use your selfie stick. Place your smartphone or camera on it and quickly take a photo. You will certainly cause some reactions at the table and in most cases those reactions will be positive. You can use the selfie stick no matter where you are.

Take a photo with your pet

You know how difficult it is to take a good photo with your pet. They usually go away, turn their face right in the moment when you take a photo etc. With the selfie stick you can easily take a good photo of yourself and your dog.

Brag about your outfit

76The basic idea of selfies is to show off, so don’t forget to use the opportunity to brag about your new outfit or about how beautiful combination you have made. Of course, don’t overuse the selfie stick for this purpose because you may become annoying for your friends.

Take the ideal tourism photos

It is sometimes difficult to find people to hold your camera while you and your family are preparing for a photo. In some cases, many people feel uncomfortable leaving their camera or smartphone in the hands of a complete stranger. With the help of selfie stick you can forget about that. According to some statistics selfie stick uk is one of the most searched phrases used by British tourists.

Have fun with your kids

Selfie sticks are incredibly easy to use. They don’t weigh too much so literally anyone can carry and use them. So, leave this equipment to your kid and let them see how it feels like to be a photographer. They will be amazed by the results.



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